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El Corruptor is an art project that explores masculinity and how the male body is represented. We like men, we like to see men, draw them, taste them, and use them. After years of observation of the male body, we have learned through it about sexuality, gender, desire, class, race, nature, and history. We understand, then, masculinity as a cluster of concepts that battles for the dominance of bodies, regardless of sex. Therefore, our role is to play with all these concepts to find what is possible to do with them.

Originally initiated as an editorial project, El Corruptor works with drawings, illustrations, publications, animation, texts, and sound. However, the way these mediums are approached is heavily influenced by a drawing and collage mindset. Moreover, we only want to have fun, and pleasure is the original condition of all our projects.

Elcorruptor.com is the virtual studio space of El Corruptor. To know more about the project you can follow our Instagram. For commissions, questions, dickpics or just to say hi, please write to info@elcorruptor.com.