It is common to hear in the media and the public debate about the crisis of masculinity. In the last decade -and with the help of social media-, LGBTQI and feminist movements had gained a more vocal position, bringing into question the values related to the traditional concept of masculinity. However, this is neither the first nor the last time masculinity has been in a crisis. Through repetition, it has not only consolidated but also reinvented itself in turmoil times. A Soep examines the athletic white male body, an embodiment of masculinity with a continuous presence in art history. With drawings, recordings, animations, and wallpaper I analyze and modify this type of body, in order to find what is possible to do with it. How can we avoid this new crisis to become the starting a new era for traditional masculinity

Photographs: Davide Ghelli Santuliana

Installation, Wallpaper, Animation, Drawing, Sound, Writing, Research